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Though many titles in the Redwall series are named after a singular character, no adventure or tale covered by the series devotes its entire focus to just one or even a few characters. In the world of Redwall, it takes an abbey.
This communal focus is likely why the Redwall fandom is full of active artists making visual art, fanfiction, games, stuffed animals, and more based on their love of the book series. The world of Redwall is large enough to contain many different creatures, characters, locations, heroes, villains—and even creators. 
It is in this spirit that Re:Redwall is pleased to announce Tapestry, a zine compiling works inspired by the world of Redwall created by Brian Jacques that has been embraced and continually expanded upon by fans. Submissions may include fan art, fan fiction, essays, poetry, recipes, animation—really anything you want that is inspired by or in conversation with the Redwall universe. Please note that Tapestry is intended to be a SFW zine, so we’re asking that submissions be within the realm of PG-13 (or 12A if you’re from the UK, 12 if you’re in France, PG-12 if you’re in Japan etc.). 
We will be taking submissions until October 8, 2021 and will compile a digital version of the zine by the end of November and a physical version shortly thereafter (pending print times). We are also planning on centering our final Re:Redwall episode this season around Tapestry and its contributors, so if you submit we would love to set up a time to record a short discussion about your piece and your relationship to the Redwall series. 
Any questions or inquiries about Tapestry can be directed to

Have fun and stay Redwall.
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